Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mixtape Cover Time

Honored to again work with the great FDA, and produce yet another dynamite mixtape cover. Really think this could go somewhere. And for that reason, I have decided on a new life goal: To be the world's foremost mixtape cartoonist. I don't know exactly how many people have chosen mixtape cartooning as their professional field, but I feel like I could make some noise if I really put my mind to it. We'll see where this goes...don't worry, I'll keep you posted.
Check out FDA at, slide over to youtube and watch the video, and then hop on over to ITunes and get the track. I think that's it as far as directions go, no need to overload anyone. Quick, somebody, give me another mixtape project. Seriously.


  1. Nice work. I'm an emcee as well. Whats a mixtape cover going to run me? I'm working on one right now.

    1. Thanks man. Shoot me an email and we can discuss.