Monday, May 23, 2011

Franklin is to Bash, as Frame is to Vengeance

Lack of posts can only mean two things: Severe head trauma, or the NBA playoffs are on. And to the best of my knowledge, I have not been concussed at any point in time over the last couple weeks. Then again if I was, I probably wouldn't remember it. Point is, I've been heavy TNT lately. So much so, that I have memorized and can recite verbatim, every Franklin & Bash commercial. Not that I'm particularly proud of that, but as always, I do have an obligation to speak the truth.
That's a lie. Well, half-lie. The main reason for the lack of activity is that I've been pretty busy on a couple different projects recently. But the playoffs certainly don't help matters any. Should be back to a more regular update schedule shortly, but in the meantime figured I'd set the internet on fire with a slightly overweight bowler and his transforming, robotic ball. Just another character design to hold you over. And as always, am not afraid to sue. I know two dudes who are totally lawyers.
Rashida Jones.