Monday, March 7, 2011

The Recruitables

Back from the Combine...had a pretty good showing, in my opinion. Kiper and McShay should be breaking me down anyday now in that Sportscenter labratory setup with all the bubbles and beakers. Speaking of football and Pixar movies...and Southern Cal...and uniformed khaki pants...that just happens to be the subject of this very post.
You will notice that there are two is sans conversation, and one is my interpretation of how the verbal interaction between these characters would go. may notice the Incredible masks and wonder why no Incredible uniforms. Valid question. When it came down to it, I admire Monte Kiffin a great deal, but just didn't feel comfortable putting an 80-year-old in red spandex. You understand.
Now I could have picked any coaching staff in the country for this project, but thought Southern Cal's was the most interesting. Lot of dynamic relationships in there. You've got the father-son thing, you've got Lane Kiffin, drive-thru head coach who seems to be a little nutty (not Charlie Sheen level or anything, but then again, who is), and of course, my guy Ed Orgeron (no sarcasm here, this dude really is awesome), who goes through a dozen or so Red Bulls a day (although word on the street is he recently made the switch to Rockstar) and rips his shirt off while challenging his players to brawls during pep talks. Didn't make that's in Bruce Feldman's book. What other staff has characters like that? Could have drawn Auburn's I guess, but after Gene Chizik, Gene Chizik's jaw, and that one crazy guy who runs around with his hat backwards, who else is left??

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